• 6m Millenium Net
  • Welcome to the official site for the "Millennium Net", formerly know as the 6m Millennium Net.. This net is open to all licensed radio amateurs and meets each Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET, 2100ET. You may connect to the net via Echolink. Look for Gateway Host W2GJW (Millennium Net). For further information on Echolink, please visit our Echolink page.

    All licensed amateurs are welcome to participate in our weekly discussion. All that we ask is for your station to be recognized by net control before you begin to transmit & speak. During the net, if you wish to make a comment, type an exclaimation point symbol, !, in the text box area. If you wish to ask a question, type a question mark symbol, ?, in the text box. If you wish to monitor the net, simply type L in the text box. All we ask is for you to be patient and wait your turn. Thank you!

     The "Millennium Net" offers all amateur radio operators an opportunity to meet others via echolink who share similar interests! Our friendly, open topic, round table discussion format includes discussions on amateur radio, band openings, astronomy, kit builing, QRP, and music to name just a few.

    The Millennium Net has a free Mailing list. Click the "Mailing list" link above, and follow the simple directions on how to join. The mailing list is the easiest and most direct way to contact all our net participants. By subscribing you will also be able to receive announcements, files and other important net info for the entire group.